Octopi and Squid

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Compare and Contrast Essay


Octopi and Squid

There are many ways to tell the differences between squids and octopi. These remarkable animals are also known as the chameleons of the sea. Although they both live in the salty waters of the ocean and both are related to mollusks or snails, there are still many ways that they differ from each other. The appearance, habitat, and reproduction are some ways to tell them apart.

The first way to tell the differences is by looking at the appearances. According to diffen.com, octopi grow from one to five meters in size while squid grow from one to twenty meters in size. Squid have one bone in there body. It is called a pen, that is a hard and flexible bone that functions as a spine. In addition, squid have two fins located on the top of their triangular head while octopi don't have any fins on their round head or anywhere at all.

Even though they both are related to the mollusk and snail family, both do not have a shell. Both consist of eight arms, except squid have two longer arms called tentacles. On the octopus's arms they have one to two rows of suckers that help grasp rocks and food. The squid have hooks and suckers that are only on the two tentacles.

The natural home or environment of an animal is called the habitat. Most of the time, octopi are found in caves or holes in the of the sea floor while squid are out in the open sea. According to their given habitats, octopi feed themselves the crustaceans on the seafloor. Squid feed on fish and shrimp, since they swim out in the open. When squid are in their early life, they...