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It is important for Odysseus to visit King Alcinous' palace and see him because Odysseus needs to re-learn the civilization and get the help from the King. Those are the things he cannot get from Clypso and the Island of Ogygia.

First of all there is similarity between Ogygia Island and the Phaeacia Island. Those two places are both amazing and liked by the gods. Trees and flowers cover this magic land. Birds are singing sweetly and clear springs run though the meadows with violets; shows the lushness of the island. This magical land attracts even god: "Hermes the guide, the mighty giant-killer, stood there, spellbound..." (Odyssey book 5) The palace is spectacular too: the walls are decorated by sparkling gold and silver. The garden is filled with ripen fruits; warm wind bellows from season to season. Women are weaving the wool and men are building elaborate ships.

People here are living frontier lives than any other places. This is a god-liked land: "such were the gifts, the glories showered down by the gods on King Alcinous' realm."(Odyssey book 7)

However, there are some differences between these two fascinating places. The Island of Ogygia represents the nature and the Palace of King Alcinous shows the wealth and the civilization. Since Ogygia is a territory of a nymph, it is almost totally natural, only cedars are growing naturally and the nymph always burnt it for fire. There are four springs past through the meadow, but no one uses the water. In contradict Phaeacia is a wealthy island. The ruler there has abundance of wealth: gold, silver, copper, and great city. In the garden, there are various kinds of trees planted for adorn and food instead of burning. People collect the fruit and eat them. There are also...