Office Automation/Group Collaboration Software Paper

Essay by binks06A, February 2007

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In order to do business in today's marketplace daily tasks need to be simplified to run an efficient company. E-mail software, voicemail, and software designed to help the sales force at Noven Pharmaceuticals operate effectively will be highlighted in this paper.

Most companies use office automation as a standard practices. Noven Pharmaceuticals is no exception to using office automation and group collaboration software. Software applications are used to automate routine office tasks, such as fax, email, and teleconferencing. These are a few of the most common systems used to help automate companies today. Without these tools, group collaboration takes more time and is very difficult to coordinate. gives the definition of office automation as "the use of computer systems to execute a variety of office operations, such as word processing, accounting, and e-mail. Office automation almost always implies a network of computers with a variety of available programs".(Webopedia, 2007).

One way the Noven's sales force is able to be automated is through the use of a hand held computer to capture each physician's signature whenever prescriptive samples are left in the office for patient use. Windows Target Mobile is the software that is used for this program. Windows ActiveSync software is used to transmit the information from the iPAQ to the laptop which in turn sends the information on to the home office for evaluation. This type of automation has replaced the old practice of using paper forms to handle doctor's signatures and storing sample inventory. Too often the home office did not receive the weekly reports due to poor mail delivery outside and inside the company. The sales force no longer needs to rely on the postal service for the important delivery of one's daily work. Another advantage in using the computer is the time spent in the...