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Hailey Berkowitz "Oh What A Beautiful Mornin" It is sung by the main protagonist Curly, the farm hand who is admiring the simple and wonderful life he leads. In the beginning of every verse, they repeat the same statement, reiterating the love he has for the world and how this day is inspiring Curly to pursue Laurey, also being a Curly's "I am". "Surrey With The Fringe On Top" Starting in a brisk common time, Curly starts to woo Laurey. Curly creates the scene. This is a character song as well as a list song, pushing the plot. His warm baritone voice and a more moderate tempo creates a visual for the audience as well. It sets the scene listing farm animals, old fashion "high steppin strutters" and it also shows Curly's charm and admiration for Laurie, although the dream it ultimately gets crushed by Laurey's skepticism, "Kansas City" This is Will Parker's I am song and also a chorus number. Will ventures into the world finding a more modernized society and more alluring and ostentatious gifts. This songs creates the another plot for the secondary characters. Will went off for his fortune so he can have a proper dowery for Ado Annie. The song has that cowboy twang, that either can become extremely obnoxious or in my opinion very charming. "I Cain't Say No" Ado Annie's I am song and possible a list song. The belty brash character that is the extreme juxtaposition to Laurie. Ado Annie, being the flirtatious vixen she can lure any guy and has a troublesome saying no to not only Will's good looks but other men's looks as well (Ali Hackam). The release has the best line "Whacha gonna do when he talks that way? Spit in his eye!" Just showing...