Olestra 'FAT-FREE FAT'

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Olestra 'FAT-FREE FAT'???

Oh! Lestra!

It sounds like a musical to me. I imagine scads of scantily clad showgirls

with big headdresses kicking it Vegas Style as the dance and sing the praises

of Olestra, the fat subsitute.

Oh! Oh! O-Les-Tra - eat it up and the pounds melt right away! And your

favourite treat - will taste more sweet, when you know that it will not

make you gain!

Yeah, something like that. But right when the curtain for the second

act is about to go up - the stage manager realizes that there's no one

there to go on stage - the babes are duking it out in the ladies room

for a seat - foolish people actually ate the stuff!


Oops, did I forget to mention that? Our good friends at Proctor and

Gamble bring up this lovley fat substitute that will make us sick.

And the government says that's okay. As long as they remember to warn

us, I deserve everything I get, right?

Here's a little more info:

In June, FDA made approved a new fake fat - Olestra.

Unlike some of the earlier substitute fats, which are already on

the market, Olestra doesn't get absorbed by the body; but it still goes

through the digestive tract. Since it doesn't get absorbed it goes

straight through are digestive system. This miracle fat (as some people

call it), was developed by Proctor & Gamble. It works by being so

indigestible that it bypasses any means that would allow your body

to absorb it.

One of the most interesting things that these fake fats reduce the fat and

calories while keeping the texture of real fat. While most of the other

fake fats can't withstand the cooking temperatures like natural...