The Olympic Games brings more problems than benefits to the host country

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The Olympic Games has become an international multi-sports event held every four years in different cities throughout the world (Answers, 2006, Internet). According to the Olympic charter, the goals of the Games are to encourage peace, harmony and to enhance a better world through sports among countries (McGeoch & Korporaal, 1994, 7). However, its economic and social impacts are also the prime concerns. This essay will focus on the benefits as well as the problems that staging the Games bring to that host country. The advantages are firstly about the enhancements of infrastructure, secondly are the potential of greater economic growth, and finally are the tremendous improvement in the national identity. On the other hand, the most serious problem faced by those countries is the massive cost of operating as well as maintaining the venues. Another disadvantage is the threat of terrorism.

First and foremost, a number of studies have shown that any city bidding for the Olympic Games is normally benefited with better infrastructure including new transport systems, latest media and communication's equipments and high standard sport facilities.

For example, according to Gerlin, Sydney, where the Summer Games 2000 was organised, has been left with an expanded airport, a large number of main roads upgraded, and especially new and high standard sport facilities including the gigantic Telstra Stadium ( 2005, 54). Besides, the Games usually gives the host city an incentive to transform itself that otherwise might never have been attempted (Burton, 2003, Internet). This may be illustrated by the Barcelona 1992 Games. Gerlin mentioned that before bidding for the Games, insufficient road access, airport and coastline was what this city tackled. However, the Games created opportunity for Barcelona to be financed with ambitious projects. As a result, after the Olympics, Barcelona received a noticeable new appearance such as...