Open Mind Closed Eyes A man of great respect and

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Open Mind Closed Eyes A man of great respect and pride, John Proctor makes the mistake of lechery with the young, and deceiving Abigail Williams. In jealousy of John Proctor's wife, Elizabeth, Abigail involves her in the witch trials. John Proctor had the power to stop this all before it happened, sadly he chose not to. He is weakened by the emotions he still has for Abigail.

Before anyone was suspected, John confronted Abigail about her clams of witchcraft; Abigail confesses to John, all her claims are lies. Blinded with the lust he still has for Abigail, John Proctor stays silent too long. Many people, innocent people hang for witchcraft, many more were accused and arrested. It took the accusing of his own wife, for John to realize the word around him, but by then it was too late.

John's love for Elizabeth opened his eyes and made him become conscious of what he was capable of doing.

Stronger then ever, John takes Marry Warren, and with her testifies that Abigail is lying. The judge in disbelief tries John for witchcraft.

As a result, John Proctor refuses to confess, and is then hanged. John's weaknesses drove him blind, so not to see the future claim's against his wife. John's strength saved Elizabeth and their unborn child.