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SB Yo-Yo Operations Report June 2014

1. Executive Summary

As our CFO likes to say - "Cash is King."

SB Yo-Yo designs, manufactures, and distributes state of the art yo-yo's to the average consumer who is looking to entertain themselves or show off to friends with fancy tricks. Our product will hold a mid-level design, and low-feature stance [2,1] and may be subject to change as customary in the market. We care about our customers and are driven to create and maintain customer loyalty, brand awareness, and introduce new products with better features and/or design at a competitive price. In order to achieve this- cash is necessary.

To increase the flow of cash SB Yo-Yo's new management team, consisting of four top executives who all have coincidently attended one of the top Business Schools - Pepperdine Graziadio School of Business & Management, have diligently analyzed past reports and designed models, created goals, and restructured the internal work environment.

This Operations Report will discuss the details and reasoning of the changes centralizing around the following goals:

Increase sales by 5 percent in year 1 and 10 percent in year 2.

Maintain an ending inventory at each location to no less than 15,000 units per quarter and an inventory turnover of 20 times each year.

Increase cash flow by $1MM in Year 3 Quarter 2 and to maintain that level each quarter moving forward.

Launch a new product into the market each calendar year.

Each goal falls under a different sector of the company - Finance, Production, Marketing, and Human Resource; interdependent on the success of one another. We have, therefore, decided to establish a decentralized government within the company. Decisions will be made as a team with every sector in mind.

The new management team understands that these goals, while aggressive,