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Organizational LeadershipUniversity of Phoenix - OnlineLDR 531IntroductionIn any organization, changing leadership can create more shifts and deeper changes within the company's walls. Usually, a new change in leadership comes at a time when the organization needs a new vision, or plan in its operating systems. Going through any type of leadership change can create tension among the employees and make them also feel unsure and threatened with their job security and their position. Communication is key during these times of change, but many leaders do not take think about, or take into consideration how important relaying information about the change within the organization is. Unfortunately, leaders are quick to announce change surrounding the organization; however they seem to forget the impact that these changes will have on the business as a whole.

The GeneOne CompanyThe GeneOne Company is booming by leaps and bounds. Leadership for GeneOne believes that it is time to get the word out about this company.

Before the company can go public, some changes will need to happen within the structure of GeneOne. Senior leadership has a few different ideas on what should occur. A few members of the leadership team think that this is the perfect time to go public, while some feel that the company is not ready yet, and by going public would be a big mistake (GeneOne Scenario, 2009).

Some of the players in this scenario are Don Ruis who is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the GeneOne Company. He realizes that the organization does not have any experience with IOP's. He knows that before the GeneOne Company goes public, it is vital to look into what is necessary for the company to go public. The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is Michelle. She thinks that going public with the company is a...