Oral Interpretation based on book Flowers for Algernon, When Charlie first meets his mother.

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Oral Interpretation


The book Flowers for Algernon, is about a man, named Charlie, who has an I.Q. of 68. He is asked by doctors if he would like to take part in a medical experiment that would increase his I.Q. three times, yet they were not sure if it would be permanent or temporary.

Before the operation, they had to run tests. One particular test is with a mouse named Algernon. Algernon has had this operation performed on him. At the same time, Algernon and Charlie have to go through the maze, Algernon always seems to beat Charlie. Charlie eventually beat him after the operation.

In this story, Charlie has to go through many changes. He gets flashbacks of his childhood, but does not understand them. One of the doctors tells Charlie that he needs to go find his family, because the only way he will be a complete person, is if he understood his past.

He had started to see signs of Algernon regressing, and noticed he had the same signs, so before he could no longer understand, he went to visit his family.


It begins with Charlie walking up to the house. Most takes place on the porch or in their kitchen.


Rose: (hoarse voice) Do you want something?

Charlie: (He opens his mouth, but nothing comes out) Pause. Ma...?

Rose: (Rose Steps backwards in fear) GASP Charlie!

Charlie: (Charlie moves towards Rose) Ma...it's me...

Rose: What are you doing here?

Charlie: I just wanted to see you... talk to you... (Pleads) Please, Please, don't go away. Don't run away from me!

Rose: ( Rose goes inside her house and locks the doors.) Click. Pause. (Peers out of the curtains) Go...