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Nathalie Prieto

October 19,2014

Ms. Dominguez

English 1301

"Oh! Oh! OREO"

All of us had been in a situation where we see an advertisement and we say, "Oh, I will like to buy it". Advertisements form an important part in the business world. They are used to present, demonstrate, and most importantly to make the product famous and purchasable. A lot of companies use advertisements, and Oreo is not the exception. Since 1912 Oreo company has created a variety of advertisements either by television or in paper. Most of these advertisements had been very successful on accomplishing its purpose, because Oreo has stayed in the actual world for a very long time. Each advertisement is unique, and contains illustrations that form what they are trying to say. But, there is one special advertisement that really attracted my attention.

Below this, there is a picture (fig. 1) of the advertisement that I liked the most.

The author really accomplished the purpose because if we look at the kid's face we see that smile and the desire of he wanting the cookies from the market cart". Although there isn't a lot of verbal conversation between both of these characters, we can imagine the dialogue between this two by only looking at their facial expressions. We imagine the tone about what he is saying: "Oh! Oh! Oreo. It has a tone of Oh! I really want those cookies, of desire. Then, we see the mother's face and we think she is laughing, like saying, "Oh, son, I know you enjoy those cookies but that is not our cart". So, you actually can picture this scene in your head and smile because you know it may happen to you once or twice. As for the verbal part, the author really got...