Organisation using the Metaphors

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IntroductionThe metaphor is a figure of speech, has three essential characteristics. First, the transmission and replacing words and phrases. In fact, the word metaphor comes from the Greek verb metaphoric, which means that for transport from one place to another.7 Secondly, in this transfer, the word or phrase used by the original method is of something, he usually appoints and substituted in such a way to assign it usually does not represent. Third, the movement and replacement using a similar offer different degrees of similarity relationships between objects or to identify or experience. In other words, underlying a metaphor is the subsequent analogical equation: "A is to B what C is to D."Company Using MetaphorsThese characteristics are illustrated by U.S. airlines'1989 advertising campaign targeting primarily business travelers built around the theme of "on-Time Machine". Virtually all of the physical, mechanical, and information resources for the airline is not a machine.

In the metaphorical expression, however, the term "machine" was postponed because he was usually assigned (one inanimate objects), and is used to denote something to which he usually does not include (the entire company). Replacing the use of analogy, suppose that (A) American Airlines is a (B) business travel (C), which is a machine (D) reliability and performance. This is a very successful campaign, using the metaphor, allowed American Airlines to emphasize its target audience (and most profitable market segment), the reliability aspect of service. Another excellent example of the use of metaphors in the commercial advertising the long-standing overall marketing program travelers insurance company. Almost everyone can identify the auspices of travelers because of the many years that this program works, and the degree of participation (including using the umbrella as a company logo). In advertising its line of business coverage, travelers are under the slogan:...