Organization behavior Issues for a particular organization.

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Organizational Behaviors

Lack of proper communication and feedback from leaders

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The Issue1

Industry Context1

Organization's Overview4

Organization's Hierarchy Structure5

Leadership Hierarchy Chart6

American Express's current strategy in historical context7

External Environment Assessment8

Internal Environment Assessment9

Strategy Evaluation10





The Issue

Different leaders have different leadership styles and different communication styles. The lengthy lateral hierarchy leadership structure of American Express makes it even more complicated for the employees to get proper communication and feedback from their top leaders. Decisions affecting the employees are taken at different hierarchy level and are not properly communicated to the affected employees.

The lack of proper communication from the top leaders of the company and the individual departments to the employees of the company has been one of the reason for lesser job satisfaction and that in turn accounts for increased turnover and absenteeism and reduced productivity.

An overview of American Express's history, coupled with a review of its organization hierarchy structure and its leadership style to a more balanced leadership style is shared.

Finally, an external and an internal environment assessment of the leaderships and communication styles needed to succeed in the credit card industry is analyzed to offer an evaluation and recommendation for advancement in the credit card industry.

Industry Context

In the early 1850's travel was done by horseback, carriages, wagons, trains and by steam ships. Transportation of small packages of gold, silver was proving to be very expensive. The transportation of packages from one end to the other end of the United States was profitable. American Express was founded on March 18, 1850 at a mansion house in Buffalo, New York; it was no means a start-up...