Organizational Behavior Terminology and Concepts

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Organizational Behavior Terminology and ConceptsAngelyn JonesUniversity of PhoenixOrganizational Behavior and Ethical Responsibility/MGT344Mr. Paul W. LundMay 09, 2008Organizational Behavior Terminology and ConceptsOrganizational behavior is a tool for companies that desire to meet and exceed the need of its employees while analyzing the impact each person has on the behavior of the organization. Considering what the employees want and whatever concerns may arise is important to the organization. One basic necessity for managers and the organization is to be aware of what the workers value, how they feel ,and aid in keeping the organization on top of profitability and productivity. Pacific Sunwear Inc. has cultivated sound organizational behavior. PacSun gives monetary recognition as well as rewards and plaques. One such method is the Leader of the Pac reward. This reward is given to any employee who has been secret shopped by a customer or PacSun representative and observed tremendous organizational behavior and values as well as gave outstanding customer service.

Job security has always been a concern for most employees. Pacific Sunwear developed a plan in which employees are able to develop skills, train and grow leading to a much clearer career path. Having implemented this plan allows employees become more valuable in lieu of the organizational skill that were learned and to feel a sense of security in their job.

In order for an organization to have a sustainable competitive work advantage is having culture. Culture is a component that encourages clear, well developed vision, and strong beliefs and values. Organizational culture can be described as the character of an organization. Organizational culture focuses on the human side of an organization. It makes stakeholders, leaders, management and associates acknowledge how their behavior impacts the company. An ideal culture would contain loyal workers, management who uphold the company's mission statement and overall...