Organizational Change Plan - Part 1

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AbstractChange can be particularly upsetting and can cause havoc to all involved in any organization. One myth is that change is "bad". Change itself is neither good nor bad, only the responses and outcomes of change can be considered good or bad. Change is unavoidable and essential in any industry. Without change organizations would be left behind and lose their competitive advantages. This paper will discuss the description of a home health care company and the plan to implement a service that they had in place but has not been active within the organization.

Description of OrganizationCompassionate Hearts Home Health Care was founded in 1988. The company provides many difference services to the aging community. The services include skilled nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and home health aides. The company also assists patients with coordinating services for accessibility equipment, bathroom safety aides, prescription services, diabetic supplies, patient room equipment and respiratory therapy.

The company is committed to ensuring that their clients have the choice to age with dignity, manage their own lives and remain active and productive members of their families and within their community. Their goal is to keep loved one's at home, where independence, dignity and choice is the standard. Compassionate Hearts Home Health Care takes all Medicare and Medicaid insurance plans and will work with private insurance companies as well . The company understands how important it is for seniors and disabled individuals to keep their independence as well as be able to remain living in their home.

Description of ChangeCompassionate Hearts Home Health Care currently has a service that they are not currently utilizing to their advantage as well as to their patients advantage. The service of physician house calls to their patients that are not able to leave their home due to illness has not...