Organizational Ethics

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Personal and Organizational Ethics

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Personal and Organizational Ethics

If a company wants to succeed from an ethical standpoint they must first look at the big picture. They must realize that everyone from the owner all the way to the janitor must work and enjoy their job to make the company work well as a whole. By looking at the big picture a company will also realize that there is more than one way to reach a certain goal that may be important. If several employees are given a task it is only obvious that not every employee will finish the task in the same way. One employee may know of a shortcut or a different way of doing something that another may not (McDaniel, 2004). This is a good example of operation variety.

When working on ethics in a company two very important topics come to mind. One is the importance of continuing education and another is organizational curiosity. These two factors work hand in hand with each other because companies can send their employees to training sessions that may be experimenting with new ways of doing things. When working for a company it is always nice to know that if needed an employee can speak with the administration or even the owner if there were a reason for it. I call this an open door policy; I have always liked to be able to go talk to the administration or someone who is in upper management so that I will know what type of people I am working for. This climate of openness helps also with keeping the lines of communication open and letting there...