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ResolutionAll organizations are faced with ethical dilemmas and issues that could affect the operations and productivity. For these organizations to be successful, they need to be able to identify and resolve ethical issues that arise in the workplace. Resolving ethical issues within the organization takes patience, cooperation, communication, the ability to listen, and act on the resolution. Managers have to adequately communicate to their employees what the manager is expecting from them and how they should behave when an ethical situation arises. Ethical issues can destroy an organization if they are not acted upon with a strong approach. One very touchy ethical issue that can be an issue to an organization is in discriminating against others based on race or sex.

Ethical issue resolution is not always simple and may take time to resolve. All managers should be trained in the necessary steps that are a must in resolving an issue that could be problematic to the reputation or ethics of an organization.

Issue clarification, stakeholder analysis, values identification, issue resolution, addressing objections, and resolution implementation are the six steps that should be taken when attempting to resolve an ethical issue.

If a situation is right or good, morally or ethically for both the employee and the company, a manager should be able to feel comfortable making that decision based on the outcome is fair and just for both sides. Making ethical decisions may sometimes come from the inner feelings and beliefs of a person. If the situation seems fair, the manager can feel at ease when making a decision regarding an ethical issue. "It is unlawful to discriminate against any individual in regard to recruiting, hiring and promotion, transfer, work assignments, performance measurement, the work environment, job training, discipline and discharge, wages and benefits, or any other term, condition,