Organizing in The Spokane Public School.

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In today's business world, the significance of management organizing is the most valuable skill a manager may possess. Many organizations place a tremendous amount of emphasis on improvement efforts, performance, and the utilization of technology. All these aspects are critical in determining the success of any organization. Organizing also is the function that gathers and sorts resources for the organization in order to become profitable. If a manager is to be successful in meeting the goals and objectives within the organization, he or she will need to start with organizing the organization into a structure that will benefit the company. This paper will summarize the organizing function within the Spokane Public Schools and how it relates to human resources, knowledge, and technology.

Knowledge management

"Knowledge management is the process through which organizations generate value from their intellectual and knowledge-based assets" (CIO, 2001, par 1). Many decisions that a manager makes could have long and lasting effects.

This is why it is important that the manager not only be knowledgeable in his or her position in regards to where the organization wants to go, but also how he or she can help to achieve these goals. This could involve an organization in sharing of information between employees, departments, and with other organizations.

The Spokane Public School utilizes knowledge management on a daily basis. The principal may share critical information regarding students to staff members. This is done in the strictest of confidence since the school district prides itself on the confidentiality clauses within the district. When other staff members take a course or a workshop he or she may share, the information with other staff members in regards to educating students. This ensures that all staff members are adequately trained and informed on the curriculum that needs to be taught within...