"Orthodox Jew and Pentecostal Christian: There remarkable Worldviews"

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After reading “the search for god at Harvard” by Ari L. Goldman, I have learned that Orthodox Jews believe that the Jewish laws and teachings of the Torah must be followed exactly as they were laid down in the time of Moses and developed in the Talmud. Non-Orthodox Jews believe that some of the Torah 'S teachings can be adapted to make them more relevant to life in the modern world. So basically they changed some of the rules and law. In other hand we have Christian Pentecostal; Pentecostals believe that one must be saved by believing in Jesus as Lord and Savior for the forgiveness of sins and to be made acceptable to God. They believed that Holy sprint or Holy Ghost is always good thing, and if you speak in tongues it’s an evidence of god that he has given you that language. So what my job here is to show you the similarities between these two amazing worldviews.

First of all, let me say Goldman has done excellent job presenting and shows us his religion and his worldview, I was very intrigued by his writing it was real page turner for me. We looked at how an Orthodox Jew follows the Talmudic the authoritative body of Jewish religion. His perspective was very traditional Jewish law, for example there is nothing wrong with divorce as long as you follow the procedures “the torah says that if a marriage isn’t working, end it.” So you see he was very in his beliefs and that was a good thing. His worldview was to follow at the laws from the Torah, and that led to his ritual and sense of his experience of Shabbat. Most important was Sabbath for him, when he was growing up Friday night from...