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There are many different ways people can look at this situation and decide whether Osama bin Laden is justified by Islam to declare Holy Jihad upon the United States. Depending on what country one lives or what religion one believes in determines how they look at this situation. For Example, if you grew up being a Muslim then you will probably say Osama bin Laden is justified by Islam. Even if you are a Muslim and do not agree with Osama bin Laden's actions, you still would not say so because of the fear of being killed by other Muslims.

The word "JIHAD," in Islam, is the spiritual struggle against evil. This word jihad has been in frequent use over the past several years. The closest synonym for our current use for the word jihad is explained to mean "holy war." Ironically, the term "holy war" was originated during the Crusades in reference to the European wars against Muslims.

Jihad is the duty of all mainstream Muslims.

There are four ways they may fulfill a jihad: by the heart, by the tongue, by the hand, and by the sword. These refer to the spiritual battles of the heart against the secondary, passion, and ignorance; spreading the word of the Islamic law with one's tongue; choosing to do good and avoiding evil with ones hand; and waging war against non-Muslims with the Sword. Islamic law also states that all nations must surrender to Islamic rule, if not its faith. Until that time, all adult male and able-bodied Muslims are expected to take part in hostile jihads against non-Muslim neighbors and neighboring lands. The Muslim's who die in this type of jihad automatically become martyrs of the faith and are awarded a special place in heaven. These Muslims that crashed their...