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In stories, plays and epics, there have been many of tragic characters who met their demise. In the play Othello by Shakespeare, one such famous hero exists. Othello was a tragic figure who met his demise by both his positive and negative traits. His strong leadership and success, garnering hate from those who hate that a Moor is above them. Othello's letting the words of others warp his mind to be irrational and jealous. Ultimately him being different from everyone else causing him to both improve and heavily scrutinize his own capabilities.

One piece of evidence is his great success and leadership he has garnered creating hate and jealousy from others. Othello is noble and quite capable as a leader. He is chosen to lead in the military effort against the Turkish invasion against Cyprus, and gain the love of Desdemona because his great conquest.

Now although this made people respect it also gained him hate from people like Iago who was mad that he got passed over to be his right hand man, and Roderigo who wanted Desdemona for himself. To them a non-Venetian having all these wonderful things is outrageous and Othello needs to be knockdown a few pegs. So they scheme (mainly Iago) to make Othello's life horrible by taking his greatest pride, Desdemona right from him and make him feud with his lieutenant. Othello's strong traits, were too strong for his own good in a place where he was the elephant in the room.

Another reason is Othello's weakness of letting the words of others twist his mentality, causing him to be jealous and think irrationality. Iago was able to cleverly root the seed of jealousy and doubt in Othello by giving him bits and...