Other ways of knowing.

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There is one point in a person's life when everything around you seems to happen for a reason. The only reason it happened is that you predicted it. A sense of mystical feeling that keeps you on your toes. We can almost think of it as our "spidey" senses. As the hair on the back of our neck rises, we wonder if we really can sense what is going to happen.

Looking for a deeper meaning in life can mean, searching the world outside of ourselves, deep into our dreams, other than realities. However, sometimes our dreams feel like reality. We wake up from a dream only to foresee our dream taking place. This feeling of knowing creates an amazing imagery. I have felt like I know when the day is going to be good or bad. My sense of knowing is strong because I dictate what is going on in my life.

When we realize where our mind can take us, life gets complex. So many ideas and ways of living get pushed into our heads from outsiders.

Our gut feeling keeps us alive in the world. Sensing something before it happens is our way of preparing ourselves. We widen an increasing awareness of our personal vision. As the world develops, we are also changing our understanding of both the world and ourselves. Solving problems in our vast world comes from that internal sense of things, rather than depending on what we have been taught. The only way of knowing depends on us. We create the world in front of us; imagination, dreams, and life itself. When someone close to you has a gut feeling, both you and that person have a strong inner connection. The normal senses; sight, hear, smell, taste, feel; are what makes our...