Our Cheating Culture of Sports.

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Baseball has always been a popular sport ever since the 1960s beginning with Babe Ruth. As the number of baseball fans grows, their demands increases pressure for the players. As a result, players would seek the need to train harder to stand out in the public or to achieve a higher income, though others cheat their way tot accomplish these goals. Many sport fans admire team baseball players, but when players cheat to enhance their playing abilities, people simply turn to a blind eye.

In the history of baseball, many players have cheated in some ways to heighten their playing abilities. For example, a few years ago, Barry Bonds of the San Francisco Giants was caught using steroids. Many people question whether steroids were the main factor in the success of his career. Barry Bonds was been an all-time leader in home-runs per season, and he ranks top 10 in averaging the most home-runs in the history of baseball.

Other players like Sammy Sosa did not use any kind of drugs to better his game-play; instead he installed a cork into his bat to increase his hitting range. Also, a few years ago Mark McGuire of the St. Louis Cardinals was also caught using steroids. He, too, was also ranked top 10 in the history of baseball to average the most home-runs hit throughout his career. Many players that have used steroids have been the "super-stars" of baseball, though many people simply don't care; their admiration for the players still exists.

When many people object to players cheating to enhance their abilities, they continue to admire the layers for what they bring into the game. The motivation of many fans in watching baseball is the intensity level; it is the vigor home-run shots and the exciting catches that make...