"In Our Time" by Ernest Hemingway

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I n Our Time is a collection of short stories published by Ernest Hemingway in 1925. When the book was issued, it immediately received the highest praises of many famous writers such as F. Scott Fitzgerald, John Dos Passos, and others. All they were delighted with the simplicity and preciseness of the author's language he had used to describe a variety of complex emotions. The American version of this collection contained the following pieces: "Soldiers Home", "Indian Camp", "A Very Short Story", "My Old Man", and " Big Two Hearted River". All of these stories are related because of a common theme of the "lost generation".

Having a glimpse into the author's biography, one would obviously find out that Hemingway survived WWI as a soldier. He had to go through so much evil and blood that he began to rank himself as well as other victims of war among the "lost generation", people who had no future.

This idea is reflected in the book. The main character is Nick Adams, an autobiographical personage. By the way, Hemingway had a tendency to write about those things he had experienced himself or had a complete information about.

In the story titled The Three-Day Blow, Nick and his friend Bill spend an ordinary afternoon talking about baseball and books. They enjoy a bottle of Irish whiskey, and the time passes slowly as they talk and drink. This way of spending leisure time seems like a pastime that has no place in today's fast moving modern society. They seem to care about nothing else but their own company. These men neither want to react to any outside interference or they need any other means of entertainment to prolong their time together. Two of them and a good bottle of whiskey seem to...