The Outlaw Josie Wales

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Since the advent of cinema, revenge has appeared on screen. Almost any film containing a hostile conflict will in some way depict some sort of vengeance, be it psychological or physical. However, less often films will delve into revenge as a theme, and even fewer illustrate it as a driving force, a reason to live. However, westerns often times depict a lone character monomaniaclly driven by the pure and simple desire to enact their vengeance on their enemies. These characters are driven by their instinct to punish those who have wronged them at any cost. No films in this genre better illustrate this theme as vengeance as a driving force better than The Outlaw Josie Wales, Red River, and The Patriot. Each of these films tackles the theme in different ways, evoking different emotions.

In The Outlaw Josie Wales, revenge becomes not a moral issue, but an adrenaline rush.

Wales, a farmer during the Civil War, sees his family murdered by a group of Union soldiers. His first action is to join a group of guerrilla-like men whose mission is to hunt down the corrupt and murderous men responsible. Soon, though, Wales is the sole survivor of his band of rebels, and revenge is the only thing driving him to live. He is declared an outlaw and goes on the lam, armed with an arsenol of one-loners and chaw and shooting holes in anything and anyone that stands between him and retribution. Wales is an action film that's theme of vengeance offers the character a chance to go on a killing spree