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The Story of Success

What is success? The Merriam-Webster definition states "success is the attainment of wealth, favor, or eminence." However, is this success means to all of us? Does success mean becoming rich or well known? Becoming the CEO of a company? Or, is success defined by more personal goals such as getting your dream job or passing a test that you spent weeks studying for? Success means something different to everyone; in my opinion, it is defined from personal goals that we have set for ourselves and experiences we have taken part in.

I also believe that everyone has his or her own success story, no matter what age you are. My success story has changed due to my place in life and the experiences I have had. For instance, when I was twelve years old, I believed that I was successful because of the numerous games that my football team won and how well I preformed each season.

I had the trophies and plaques to prove my success, and that is how I shaped my first success story. Now, my success story has drastically changed. I no longer play football, but I now perform much better academically. I believe that I am successful because I have set goals that I am constantly working to achieve. In about ten years, I will view myself successful because I will have my dream job and have an amazing family. I do not think that the only successful people in the world are famous celebrities, athletes, or multi-millionaire tycoons. We are all successful in our own ways and are shaped by our experiences, background, and culture.

In Outliers, Gladwell states that success is measured by the practice that is put into achieving our goals. He says that the magic number for...