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Outline pgs 112-114

Ruth an Israelite Foreigner with a Great Destiny

-The story in the book of Ruth was in the time of Judges so it included this chapter

-The story sounds different from the tales of judges

-In the story of Ruth we find no battles

-The book of Ruth had it's begging's in Israel's oral period of early kings

-The story was told by storytellers and at festivals to teach the moral lessons and teachings of God within the stories

The Prayer of Israel: Tender, Deep Fidelity

-Ruth said to her mother-in-law, Naomi

-"Do not press me to leave or to turn back from following you!

Where you go, I will go;

Where you lodge, I will lodge:

You shall be my people,

And your God my God.

Where you die I will die there will I be buried

May the Lord do thus and so to me

And more as well,

If even death parts me from you!"

A Family Faces Calamity

-When famine strikes Israel during the period of Judges a man from Bethlehem journeys with his wife

-Naomi and her two sons try to start a new life on the plains of Moab

-After ten years the young men die

-And Naomi grief stricken

-Naomi starts out the two widows who accompany her for a distance

-Naomi tries to convince them not to convince not to thro in their lot with her because her life would be miserable back in Israel