Outlining an Organizations Structure

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Outlining the Organizations Structure

Engelhard Corporation offers a dynamic, progressive, and forward thinking organizational structure. They blend innovative thinking with tried and tested methods to deliver effective solutions quickly, safely and to a high quality standard. Although the structure is very complex, it can be viewed as a very productive Vertical Structure. Continuous communication between the plant manager and the project managers assures a prompt response to any changes, coordination issues, and/or questions that may arise during the course of a project. We are committed to 'Best Value Principals' by providing suitably trained and qualified management, supervision and operatives. The company strives to deliver value for money and meet their commitments to all stakeholders.

During the course of the year the company evaluates its current structure and determines whether changes need to be made or if the current positions are vital to the organization. Our company provides a flow chart that allows each department and supervisors to see who he or she must report.

If any changes are to be made they usually take place in upper management. These changes usually take place when the company sees that they could operate more efficiently by being better organized.

The acting plant manager makes all the final decisions that could possibly affect the future of our site. "Authority, the legitimate right to make decisions and to tell other people what to do, is fundamental to the functioning of every organization." If there is something in doubt or he is not sure about something he takes the problem to the Company Vice President just to be sure. At times there are situations where the plant manager must be away from the plant and he them must appoint someone as acting site leader.

Human resources fall directly under our plant manager. They work hand-...