The Outsiders

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Appearance- Johnny Cade the kid brother of the gang has a look to him, like a puppy that has been kicked too many times (Pg. 18). This shows that Johnny is a very confused child that still really doesn't understand the world this also shows that Johnny is lost and scared of his father who beats him up. Johnny is smaller than the rest of the gang and has big black eyes in a dark tan face this positions the reader to think that Johnny may be dirty and less fortunate. Johnny has jet-black hair, which is combed to the side, he has a shaggy fringe across the top of his forehead. This shows that Johnny has the trademark of true Greaser with his hair this also shows that maybe he can't afford haircut by a hairdresser so he has cut it himself (pg. 18). Johnny Cade has a nervous and suspicious look in his eyes this positioning the reader to think that Johnny is not quite sure whether he is safe to trust anyone especially his mother and father.

Ponyboy Johnny's friend suggests that Johnny looks younger when he is asleep this showing Johnny is more peaceful and at rest when he is sleeping.

Actions- Johnny Cade was a very scared and confused boy his mother didn't care about him and his father beat him up. Johnny didn't like his home and would have run away a 1000 times but stayed because of the gang (Pg. 18). This shows that Johnny feels that his family is the gang like they are all brothers even though the brothers in the gang are Ponyboy, Sodapop and Darry Curtis. When Johnny was beaten up really bad by the socials he still told Sodapop who had done this to him. This shows that Johnny is very dedicated to making people feel like they know what is happening around them. Johnny Cade killed a social called Bob because he was drowning Ponyboy his best mate (Pg. 63). This shows how much Johnny cares for his friend Ponyboy, as he would rather kill someone then sit and watch his best friend be killed. Johnny gave Ponyboy his jacket during the night to make sure Ponyboy was warm and would not catch a cold. This makes the reader feel that Johnny would rather put himself in the position then to watch Ponyboy be in the same position. Johnny went into town to get supplies, while he was there he bought Ponyboy " Gone With The Wind" as he knew Ponyboy always wanted it (pg. 77). This shows that Johnny uses his head and he thought of a way to kill time and make their stay seem less sad and emotional.

Speech- Johnny has a quiet and quivered voice making him seem very shy and unsure to the reader the reader can tell this when Johnny does not say much if not anything to Ponyboy when he gets beaten up by the socials. Johnny is not a ladies man but stood up for Cherry and Marcia when Dally was annoying them. Johnny had told Dally " Leave her alone Dally" pg. 31. This shows that deep down Johnny really does like girls. On the other hand Johnny has a lot of respect for Dallas Winston and stood up for him when he had gone " Dally is O.K" Johnny said defensively pg. 33. Johnny is not well educated and this is shown in his speech, sometimes he uses slang words such as Fuzz and I'm pretty bad off.

Thoughts- Johnny does not think much of girls. This shows that maybe he is not mature enough to see the qualities that girls have and give. Johnny feels that everything that has happened has been his entire fault. This makes the reader think that Johnny thinks that it is his fault that Bob was drowning Ponyboy. Johnny understands " Gone with the Wind" a lot better than Ponyboy and the other gang members this showing that he has understanding of deep and inner thoughts of other people around him.

Values/ Attitudes- Johnny has many Values all of these being different and meaningful. One of the main values of Johnny's life is the gang. They have always been like his family without them he would have never felt love and affections. This is shown when Johnny says that he would have ran away a 1000 times but stayed because of the gang. Johnny values Ponyboys sense of brains and feelings. This shows that Johnny not only thinks about his boundaries but also those of others around him. Johnny's Hero is Dallas Winston that is what Johnny values the most the relationship and love between himself and Dally. This makes the reader feel that Johnny does not really value any personal aspects but rather ones of people around him. A time that this is shown is when he buys the book that Ponyboy has always wanted to read pg. 77.

Relationships- Johnny is everybody's kid brother. Every member of the gang love and care for poor little Johnny Cade. Johnny's relationships between every character are strong and meaningful, but Johnny has the strongest relationship between Ponyboy and Dally. The relationship between Ponyboy and Johnny grows stronger and stronger between the 5-day period that they spend trapped in a church together. Johnny's relationship between Dally is one of more love and affection than best buddies. They both look out for one and other and are always willing to lend a hand when needed. This shows that Johnny is a young man in the relationships part of life. Johnny has a very poor and not strong bonding relationship between his father, mother and him. His father beats him and his mother ignores him. Johnny shows how much he hates his mother when he does not want her to visit him when he is just steps away from death.

Symbols- Johnny has many different symbols and is many different symbols all of these having emotion and prosperity. A symbol of Johnny is watching the Stars and Moon at night when all is calm and peaceful. This shows that Johnny values the time when he can have his time to himself. Another Symbol of Johnny is his motto " What Dally says goes" This shows the respect he has towards Dally. There is one major symbol that Johnny will believe in for the rest of his life and will never change his attitudes towards it, " Living on the East Side teaches you to shut of your emotions" Pg. 158.

Characters roll- Johnny's roll in the book was to play the poor and hard done by kid. He is meant to be the kid that everybody feels sorry for. He is also a big part in Ponyboys life after he has passed away. This making him a main character in the outsiders. Ponyboy also realises how much Johnny means to the gang and most importantly how much he means to himself.