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To Own a Pet Tom, was a boy that didn't have many friends and always dreamed of having a pet. Yet his mom wouldn't let him have anything. Tom was always thinking of the perfect pet to have because he was going to save his money to buy a pet. Tomorrow, however, was his birthday. Tom sat in his bed thinking of the perfect animal. A dog? A cat? No, to typical he thought. He wanted a more exciting pet. He thought and thought, and finally came to a decision.

After his birthday party, he ended up with $147. Off to the pet store he went. He knew exactly what it was he wanted. He went straight toward the ferret cage. As he gazed down he knew right then which one he wanted. Tom was so excited, he couldn't wait. So Tom got the one he wanted. He knew this was no ordinary ferret, it was magical.

When he got home he went straight to his room. Tom put his pet down and was going to go down stairs to get some food. Suddenly a voice said, "where are you going?" Tom was slightly surprised. "You can talk", he said. "Yes," said the ferret. That reminded Tom, the ferret needed a name. Tom asked him what his name was. The ferret replied, "my name is Pepe' the magical Mexican Ferret." Well Pepe, are you hungry. "Yes", he said. "What would you like", Tom replied. I was raised on the Mexican Rye Fly but I like mice, fish, and birds now. Tom told Pepe about the fish tank down stairs, the bird feeder outside, and the mouse problem they have been having. Pepe's eyes lit up with extreme joy and excitement.

The next day Tom awoke to his mothers shout. Ahhhhh! What happened to the fish. Tom went down stairs to take a look. They are just gone she exclaimed. Tom neglected to tell her about his new friend. Time went on, weeks past and Tom noticed the ferret getting rather large. Tom wondered what he was eating, until he went outside, there was no noise at all, no birds to be seen. Tom walked back in scratching his head. His mom said have you noticed that the mice are gone. Tom was amazed. Pepe was one eating machine. He went back to his room and awoke Pepe, you are a pig. Pepe said, yeah what do you expect, I grow to be 2500 pounds. Tom about flipped out. How can I feed you. "You don't have to," Pepe said. What do you mean. I can hunt for myself. You have already destroyed the entire bird population of this area and it has only been a week. Tom knew that he had to let Pepe go free. Tom told him to venture out into the wilderness and live there. There he could find an endless amount of food. Pepe agreed to go. Tom was lonely again, but he knew it was the best for Pepe. Once again time past, years went by. Tom had forgotten about Pepe until one day. Tom was watching the news and they said there has been a dramatic unknown decline in the worlds bird population. Tom still had his doubts that it was Pepe. He figured that he had had to have died years ago, and that someone would have had to seen him. Yet Pepe traveled at night catching the birds as they were sleeping in the trees. Soon almost all the bird and fish population in the world was gone. Pepe had nothing to eat and he died. Someone found him and came to the conclusion that this enormous ferret was responsible for the extinction of so many bird and fish species. Tom was amazed. Soon though, with the birds and fish gone, insects became overwhelmingly overpopulated. They soon destroyed entire forests. Plant life was devastated, almost all plant life in the world was destroyed. As a result of this all living thing on earth died. Even human kind. This dramatic extinction of all living things on earth resulted from a boys dream, to own a pet.