*An Owner’s Room*         I think an owner’s room definitely reveals

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*An Owner's Room* I think an owner's room definitely reveals personality and what they are. About two years ago I went with my mom to her friends house. I have been to her house couple of times but never looked at her son's room this closely. I really thanked my mom for dragging me to her friend's house. Hey, at least I got to learn that boys have hobbies that they like to show and decorate their room with.

As we are going to her house, I told my mom that we are just going to sit for about ten to fifteen minutes and not more than that. So we pulled up in the forest Avenue and parked in front of the house. As soon as the door opens my mom goes hugging her friend and they are chit-chatting along, so my mom friend says," Honey, why don't you go upstairs and say hi to Sahil.

That's her second son whom I have met once and he kind of seems a little creepy. As soon I went upstairs, I smelled this aroma like when it rains how the shimmering-colorful flowers smells like. So I knocked on his door waiting for him to open it.

As soon as I am walking in the door my eyes are wide open like an owl at nighttime. I was so shocked looking at every detail in his room. I was too busy glancing at his room that I forgot to greet him.

His room is filled everything that deals with nature. As soon as I opened the door, the green shaded lights with wings on them turned on. Also, the colorful birds started to sing and the radio turned on playing some songs of rain pouring and trees shattering. I felt like as if I was in a forest sitting underneath a really old tree and listing to the sounds of waterfalls. The fan on the ceiling was filled with waterfalls and big palm trees. The way he decorated his room, everything looked so real that you could just stand underneath the fan and feel the breeze of the waterfall. The green carpet smelled so fresh and almost looked like you were walking on grass.

Behind the bed, there was this huge painting that I just fell in love with. There were these high-rocky mountains and there was a man standing on one of them. It made me seem like, the painter was trying to show the viewers that man always wants to reach his highest peek meaning, every man has a goal that they will try to achieve.

I just had a smile in my face when I saw his bed. The comforted with different kinds of animals printed on them and even the pillows were covered with them. The bathroom was the most amazing thing I was. The soap was clear green with trees and birds on them. The unshaped curtains which looked liked they were cut of from a material had the prettiest bright sunset on it.

I was just sitting on his bed and my mom called me and I had to leave. After that Sahil and me became really good friends. He told me to visit him sometime and so I did and from that moment we became really good friends. I had no clue that people reveal themselves by decorating their hobbies in their room. I am very crazy about a cartoon character called Tweedy Bird. So maybe I should think about decorating my room filled with Tweedy Bird.