The Ownership of the News

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The Ownership of the News

1. What is the aim of the report? (Paragraph 1)

The following report has as main aim to assess whether laws governing media ownership are appropriate to preserve this democratization of communication, taking into account main public service participant broadcasters. Media ownership is regulated differently to ownership of most other business activities because of the media's place in an ideal democracy. They provide the range of voices and opinions that informs the public, influences opinion, and supports political debate. Although the communications industry has undergone a process of adaptation, the aim is to ensure that the democratic process of participation in new media still exists.

Regulation to ensure a plurality of media ownership is therefore particularly aimed at ensuring a diversity of news provision according with the report.

2. What problems is the newspaper industry facing? (Paragraph 2)

According with the report, newspaper readership is in decline.

People turn to other sources of news, because increased competition from new technologies is undoubtedly one of the main factors. But proliferation of news sources do not seems to be the only reason for falling readership levels. Lifestyle changes mean that fewer people read a newspaper. Nowadays it is also the case that younger people are less likely to read a newspaper. Even when newspapers try to have presence in the new online media it seems not enough, bringing as a consequence a huge impact on investments that can help to improve the journalism and, in addition, each day there are less supporting that allow creating new press offices in UK and also around the world.

3. What impact has the internet had on the both the production and consumption? (Paragraph 3)

Nowadays, the internet offers an array of...