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Panama is in Central America over there by Costa Rico. Panama has different religions, cultures, and holidays that they celebrate different from America. Panama has three different religions 85% Roman Catholic, 10% Protestant and 5% Islamic. They also have different languages Spanish, English, and Indian languages. The culture in Panama is a mixture of varieties such as Spanish, African, Native American, and North American traditions. They have two local hosts to perform live from Cuban and Colombian. They play different music like jazz, blues, salsa, reggae, and they also have rock performances. While that Panamanians are celebrating they make it very colorful. There dance symbol stands for cultures that have coupled in Panama. Another culture is woodcarving, ceremonial masks, and pottery. They also do architecture, cuisine, and festivals. Along time ago baskets were woven for utilitarian uses, but most villages relied on the tourists to come and buy them.

The education in Panama is only for six years and is free by the government through the university level.

In Panama the government spent 16.6% of there budget on education in the year 2000. The wealthy families in Panama usually send their kids to a variety of private schools in the city. In the year of 2000 they had 400,000 kids in their elementary and in high school they had 234,200 was enrolled in school. Their school attendances in elementary age children were enrolled in the country. In Panama they have the highest literacy rates in the region 93%. Long ago 60,000 people attended the National University of Panama. Many other people went to private colleges and trade schools that have gotten older in recent years.

There are also many different grocery stores and restaurants they have over there in Panama. There is a market where restaurants and super markets purchase...