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What is the most important part of clothing in a lady's body? Am sure upon asking different groups of people, they will all have a different answer. Their answer may be determined on social influences such as parents, society, environment or even political stands about a stand in a particular issue. In my opinion, I always thought that pants is the most important and vital clothing that a lady should be in. I have come to embrace this fact even though this is what I had always been against. From my mother's point of view, she believes that pants in a lady is a sign of an ill-mannered girl. I grew up with this mentality until recently; it has dawned on me of the great importance of pants in a lady.

I believe that pants are very respectful, as long as they are not one of those torn in the name of fashion or design, in the presence of all age groups.

Over the years of people dressing in them, they have been proven to be reliable in preserving the decency of an individual. Unlike dresses or skirts, pants tend to cover the rest of the body and none has complained of them being too short and exposing self. On the contrary, my mother has a very strong belief that it is very disrespectful of a lady to be in a pair of pants. This is so because she believes that pants are a men's attire and it is morally wrong to wear men's garments. It is considered in the society as a means of competing with the man and taking what is his and trying to steal his role. Where I grew up, that was like breaking a taboo and was mostly unheard of. Women's clothes were...