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Smile Your On Camera

"Lindsey Lohan on drugs AGAIN!"; "Charlie Sheen, FIRED!"; "Britney Spears shaved off all her hair!" Does this seem at all familiar to what you may read while harmlessly waiting in line at the grocery store to pay for your daily essentials? More likely then not, the answer to this question would be; Yes. This is due to the numerous amounts of tabloid outlets we have available to us on a daily basis, but the real issue is, what gives these tabloids the drive and funds to continue on with their trashy gossip about these public figures?

This comes from the voyeuristic need to know traits of the people in our society, various forms of entertainment media devote their entire existence to the exposing of all the personal, private and intimate details that they can find or make up in some cases, of celebrity's and the lives they live.

These medias solely exist to capture all they can of the intimate, private, embarrassing and emotional aspects of a celebrities life and then make that a part of public knowledge. We learn all of their life's major and minor details, from their first kiss to their last divorce. We know where they shop and where they eat, whom they date and often they get photographed not wearing underpants. But is that really necessary need-to-know information for us or is it the voyeuristic characteristics we have as a society taking over our better judgments? Who is to blame in this conspiracy and can we ever really define the fine line between privacy and public knowledge?

In today's society it has become apparent that everybody seems to be obsessed with the personal lives of public figures, royalty, actors, actresses, athletes and music artists. Rather than admiring these artists for...