This is a paper concerning the epic "The Odyssey" and its relevence.

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Though one of the most recognized pieces of history, the Odyssey is also one of the greatest epics ever. The timeless struggles of man against himself, a force greater than himself, and the many aspects of Greek culture prove its' worth. The many faces of the Odyssey contribute color and texture to the epic. One of the most recurring is the character Telemechus. An enthusiastic youth, he dreams of one day thwarting his enemies, the suitors. They have ruined his life through abducting his house and his way of life. But he is still a boy without a father, and without Odysseus he is alone and unprotected. Throughout the book the reader is engaged with the fact that he is still growing up, and has many things to learn. His mother, Penelope, is another vivid personality. She is faithful to her husband, and does her best to hold up the household.

When she enters a room, a feeling of sadness fills the pages. She shows a characteristic of deception, which is better described by cunning, since the Greeks admired such traits. The Odyssey also shows some of the many aspects of Greek Culture. Piety is one that stands out throughout the epic. Respect for the gods was a major factor in how the ancient Greeks lived. If you did not respect the gods and recognize them in everything, you were considered wicked and an outcast. The many characters in the Odyssey would always make a remark about the gods before saying something important. Hospitality was another practice that was regarded as expected; the gods themselves expected it. If one was hospitable to strangers and treated them well, he was respected. The swineherd is a perfect example of this. He offered a place to stay, protection, and his own bed to...