This paper will describe three major companies that have effective public relations.

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Public Relations is a vital part of a comprehensive marketing program. Every company, whether large or small, should have a PR group in place for unanticipated moments. PR should also be used on a regular basis and partnered with other marketing and advertising essentials. This paper will describe three major companies that have effective public relations.


Public Relations adds power to your overall company image. When major magazines write about your company, this provides a different type of credibility and stature that can improve and clarify your audiences' perceptions of your company. One mention in the media can often be worth more than many placements in a newspaper or on television. And the best thing...It is FREE!

Public relations is an essential part of a company. Not long ago, public relations was not even part of an organization. Nowadays, just about every major organization has a department dedicated just to PR.

In order to have effective public relations in an organization, companies must consider many factors. According to the Brigham Schully website, program development is a great technique for effective public relations. They state, "A written plan of action defines your objectives as a client, your communications needs and appropriate strategies and activities. The plan also includes a schedule for realizing objectives and a recommended budget. Evaluation of program effectiveness is ongoing." In addition, the website states that media relations has developed over the years. Keeping regular contact with the media enhances a company's awareness. Also a company must consider preparation for all major interviews so that they can be prepared for all types of questions that may be unexpected, especially for those that are important to the company or are considered sensitive.

In addition, the Brigham Schully website, states that crises management is one of the hardest...