This paper is a review and response to the motion picture, Gandhi.

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Gandhi's Message

The movie Gandhi is a focus on the life Mahatma Gandhi, and the message of peace and equality between people of all religions and all races and all walks of life that he presented. Gandhi believed that his message was bigger than himself and he was completely dedicated to the message and was willing to give up everything including his own life for it.

We first see Gandhi's belief in equality of all people when he is still a practicing attorney. Gandhi is traveling on a train through South Africa. The train conductor wants Gandhi to give up his first class seat because he was an Indian. Not only did Gandhi disagree with this discrimination, he refused to move from his seat. Gandhi was not going to be told he was inferior simply because he was Indian and he stood his ground until he was thrown off of the train.

This had a big impact on Gandhi's life. This made him see how terrible all forms of discrimination were and was the first step in Gandhi dedicating his life to peace and equality for all people.

The place where we best see Gandhi's dedication to peace and equality for all, is in one of his protests. He was appauled by all the fighting that was going on in his own country of India between Muslims and Hindus. In fact when a Hindu fundamentalist called for Gandhi to join in the cause of the Hindu and support the fighting, Gandhi responded with "I am a Hindu, I am a Muslim,......" He went on to name a number of religions. What he was saying was that he was one who could identify with all people and that all people were the same. This was a very bold statement...