Parents and school should play equal parts in a child's education and upbringing. Discuss.

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From the time seeing the light of day, a child is meant to stick together with his family and be under the training of school in the next period.That a child becomes a good or bad person depends on how he is brought up and educated during his growth. Therefore, both parents and school equally take up primary positions in the formation of a child's character and ability.

It is believed that parents have a decisive influence on thoughts and manners of their infant. Family is the very first place where a toddler learns basic behaviours : speak, walk, hold a spoon to eat… At the earliest moment when the youngster starts to perceive the world around him, he will do things by repeating what he has seen the adult acted. Thus, parents ought to set a good example to the youngster right from the start. The most desirable ambition of all parents is that their child can find his own level in society in future.

To ensure the full development, both father and mother have to fulfill their child's aspiration and nourish his dreams with great nurture and boundless love. Parents are the closest relatives of the youngster, who always stay by his side through good or bad time, the only people who can give their child a solely perfect upbringing.

As a rule, when an infant is ready to go to school, he has grown out of his beloved family and steps into a new world with new friends and new environment.School is another family in which everyone once undergoes. This second roof not only provides the child with demanding skills for tomorrow occupation but also gives him the moral virtues to live in harmony with community. Out of home doesn't make them feel...