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Rebellion Rebellious people stand out from the crowd and society, they do things other don't do. John Updike places his hero, Sammy, in a grocery store where he works as a cashier. Through out the book with his words and description people can see how his personality is. Sammy hates adults, he always talking bad about them or makes fun of them in sarcastic ways. I think Sammy likes the attention that he getting from the adult showing will power to do things they want to do without hesitations. Sammy show himself, kindly taking the threes girls side had quit his job because of his likeness for pretty young girls.

Sammy expresses his sarcastic and serious side as he describes the shoppers at the store. Sammy refers to an old woman as a "cash-register watcher" and suggests that she would have been "burned in Salem" to show the type of people he comes into contact with on a regular basis (Updike 298).

His comments express his feelings of dissatisfaction and frustration towards the customers and the insults show the people to have a better understanding of how he views these people. He views the customers as having nothing else better to do than shop. He notices the anxiousness of the customers to pay for their groceries, and he makes a negative comment to voice his sarcastic attitude. Sammy expresses his sarcastic and critical nature by commenting on the customers in a negative fashion to expose the supermarket society.

Sammy's perspective changes as he describes with great detail the attractiveness of the girl he calls Queenie. Sammy's attention is going towards Queenie's "prima donna legs" and her "white shoulders" as he makes mistakes while working (Updike 298). This shows that he is very aware of what going on and has good...