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The book that I have chose to read is titled " Flint ". " Flint" is a book written by author Paul Eddy who has been writing for over 25 years. The book is about undercover agent named "Grace Flint",whose cover was blown and was almost killed . Months after this happens and she heals ,she wants revenge.

The story took place around theyear two-thousand in London.The main character of the book was Grace Flint. She is a undercover agent who is almost killed .Frank Harling is the guy who almost killed her and who she is after.Pete Pendle is her partner who is killed at the beginning of the story.Jamie is Grace's husband who left her and stays with a lady named Caroline.Harry Cohen is her new partner that comes into the story. John Devereaux is one of the heads of the company she works for called Major Crimes.

the beginning of the story Grace Flint was undercover as a counterfeit smuggler.Her cover was blown by Frank Harling to whom she was attempting to sell the counterfeit money.When her cover was blown Frank killed her partner and beat her, breaking her bones and her teeth,Frank Harling got away. It took Grace Flint months to recover physically and mentally.In those months her husband left her because of her condition.After she healed she went back to work at Major Crimes working a desk job.After a while they wanted her to go back undercover, she agreed because the assignment had something to do with Frank Harling.

She needs the help of her husband to whom she is still married.

She needs him to get break into the computers where he works and steal some information she needs for the case.He refused to do it so she blackmails,him so he helps her.She and her new partner Harry Cohen were undercover for a year as Mr. and Mrs. Big some big counterfeit smugglers.Finally they caught up with Frank Harling and Grace killed him thinking he was behind the operation but it wasn't him,it was Devereaux .

The book to me was good because it had action had a surprising ending when you found out Devereax was behind it all.I like the way it showed her from being hurt to recovering and going back undercover.There wasn't a boring part through the book.It was well put together and I enjoyed the book.