PDHPE Assessment Task: Relationships, Sex, HIV and All That

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The factors that may influence decisions about sexual behavior:

Sexuality included our behaviors, physical appearances, attitudes, beliefs, values, emotions, and personalities, so as how do we socialize, which reflected in the total expression of the type of person/human beings we are. It begins before the birth and lasts during the life times that involve our sexual directions and identities. Due to the influential by the factors such as: cultural, spiritual, ethical and moral...etc, the expression of sexuality is a total sensory experience, and is presented by giving and receiving sexual pleasures, not only involved with contact of the genitals and the uterus, but also the entire minds and bodies between a male and a female, further more, it allowing reproduction. Sexual health "gives us permission" to enjoy and control our sexual and reproductive lives, as well as the quality of our sexual and some other close relationships.

As the world going through the 21st Century with huge development of modern societies, as well as human's personalities.

People in both genders seem relatively more open and have much more clear views/knowledge on sexual relationships with opposite gender compared to the past, which people were conservative and with basic knowledge on the issues. And "having a sex" becomes one of the most popular activities among teenagers, so as adults around the world gradually, especially in America and some parts in Europe, where determines a close/intimate friendships between twos with opposite gender, or sometimes it just simply means socialize with other people. However, there are quite few factors which would influence the decisions making about sexual behavior, included: Families, friends, cultures, media, psychological factors and chemical substances...etc, where all of them have made contribution to the development of attitudes to sexual behavior and described as following:

There are higher rates of first...