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Sam Burnside

EPIP Final Copy- Mr.Thomas

Strengths (Skills)

Strength- 'Lay-Up'

The purpose a lay-up, is a way to shoot combining high speed dribbling, a leap/jump, driving to basket and then releasing the ball of the corner of the backboard (using this as a target).

This is a strength, as the action in fluid and looks natural.

High scoring percentage, he has 8 or 9/10- strong side and 7 or 8/10- weak side. Higher if possible!

Good- technique:

Height and spring into the jump- allows the performer it get closer to the basket.

Always keeps head up when driving- in order to see the opponents around him and the basket.

Dribbling is low and fast- making it harder to steal the ball.

Dribbling is in front of the body- allows performer to maintains high speed.

Player shoots using outside hand (if he's attacking the right hand side of the basket- the right hand) (left hand side- left hand)- meaning ball is far from defender, who will be attempting to get inside him for ease of steal- by staying outside you reduce his chances!

Footwork (right side- right foot then left)- this means as he springs up, his inside leg acts as a shield to the defender- closes the body off and makes it harder for the them to reach across the body, increasing risk of a foul for defender!

Top corner of the backboard- increase the likelihood of making basket.


Keeps the scoreboard ticking over.

Increasing the confidence of the performer and their team.

Opposition drawn to him- threat offensively- this creates space and opportunities for others and ultimately converting chances, increases chances of winning the game.

Strength 2- 'Dribbling'

Used so a person in possession can get around the court using either hand singly.

This is...