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Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is something we have all experienced before, maybe it

was when you wanted approval from older siblings, your teenage friends.

What ever the case may be it is the pressure from within ourselves that make

us want to explode sometimes.

When I was younger seven or eight years old I felt a need to get

approval from my older brothers and sisters. I was the one that my parents

always came to when they wanted to know the truth as to what happened.

One day my parents left the house and told us do not go outside while they

are gone. The minute they left, we were outside jumping the fence . I felt

so thrilled and happy to be outside with my brothers and sisters, knowing we

were going to play together. As I jumped down from the fence and landed

I felt scared because we were told not to go outside until our parents came

back. I knew what i was doing was wrong but I could not go back home

without my brothers and sisters because they would be mad at me. I knew I

did not want to stay. I felt trapped I did not know what to do.

I had a bad feeling at the pit of my stomach. Everyone looked as if they

were having fun. I was terrified thinking my parents were going to step in

the back yard any time now and yell at us to come in the house. All the

sudden there was a big crash! My brother had broken the next door

neighbors window. Everyone ran home.

Inside the house my siblings looked at me, wondering if I was going

to tell. They told me not tell and if I did they would...