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Penang 2050 Penang, having long been known as Pearl Of The Orient, is a small island that is encircled by crystal clearing water. It is the finest destination for those who want to escape to, away from the hustle and bustle. Penang is well known of its outstanding beaches and exotic sights and it is an ideal place for the tourists to pay a visit. One of the prominent characteristics in Penang is the Penang Bridge that links the island to the mainland. Due to all the distinguishing in Penang, it expands rapidly and flourishing. As we are stepping into the new century, Penang will be more developed. What do you think that Penang will be in the year 2050? In the year 2050, Penang will gain its freedom and it will be independent but not under control of Malaysia any more. During that precious time, Penang will be a very thriving city.

Most of the tar roads will be replaced by the expressways. This will reduce the driving time. On the other hand, citizens of Penang will be using jetpacks rather than using cars as a reason of jetpacks are faster than cars. With the exception of this, LRT, underground railway will be used too to reduce the traffic congestion. Instead of traveling on a ferry, the citizens of Penang will travel on a sub-marine or a speedboat in the year of 2050. The facilities in Penang will be enhanced and it will be very convenient to the society. Every building will install the air conditioning, telecommunication services, high-level security and etcetera.

In the year 2050, the technology in Penang will be more high-end. Every citizens of Penang will master and familiarize themselves with the technology because they will be living in a borderless world of technology. During that time everything will be made up base on the high technology. Perhaps we do not need to employ any servant at all. For the period of that time, there will be robots helping us to do the housework. With the exception of this, the robots will be the student's teachers and shower the students with their advanced knowledge. Robots will replace the football players to play football on the field at that juncture. Due to the development of the technology, Penang will be a high technology city. Everything will be computerized and there will not be any handwork anymore. For the duration of that time, both the public and private sector will be efficiently improved by the use of Information Technology. As a fact of matter, economy in Penang will be growing and booming and everyone will be profitable in addition to there will not be any more beggars holding out their hands asking for alms along the streets.

Penang will be no longer known as a dirty city. In the year 2050, the area of Penang will not littered with rubbish and the drains will no longer clogged with the plastics, cans and bottles with a nauseating smell. Laws are carried out to give penalties to those who dump rubbish anywhere. Apart from it, plantation will be grown everywhere to beautify the environment. There will not be air and water pollution any more and citizens of Penang will be more healthy as they will not expose to the virus which is caused by the pollution. The proportion of health will increase and the percentage of death will diminish. In addition, there will be less crimes in Penang. Juvenile delinquency problems will easily be reduced due to the laws and punishments that will be carried out. Though, Penang will be a very peaceful country in the year 2050.

With the changes that will be made, technology, resources and human factor in place, Penang will be able to develop at a fast rate. The society of Penang will be able to utilize the benefits and amenities in Penang in the year 2050. As a conclusion, in the year 2050, everyone in the world will know Penang greatly and Penang will be part and parcel of high-tech country in the world.