Are People More Emotional When Tired?

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The best way to approach this question would be to conduct an experimental study. Only this method would allow us to make statements about what makes something happen; statements about what factor influences another. Any nonexperimental method would not permit us to explain if whether people are more emotional when tired.

A within subject design would be chosen to eliminate the differences between the two separate subject groups. Removing individual variance between subjects would greatly increase the validity of this experiment. One hundred sixty randomly picked subjects between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five would participate in this study. There would be an equal number of males and females, and an equal number of individuals would be represented from each age group. Each subject would be required to take part in a twenty-four hour study on two separate occasions exactly one month apart.

The guidelines for this study would be kept as simple and controlled as possible.

This experiment can be conducted at any hospital. Each participant must be kept in identical, hospitable conditions during both visits. The experiment would begin at 12:00PM on Saturday and end at 12:00PM on Sunday. Activities such as crossword puzzles or word searches would be provided to keep the participant comfortable. And at the end of each stay, an emotionally compelling photographic slideshow (pictures that express love, joy, surprise, anger, sadness, and fear) would be shown to each subject individually.

During the first stay, each participant would be allowed a standard eight hour night of sleep. But during the second stay, we manipulate the Independent Variable by not permitting each participant to sleep. The forced sleep deprivation would cause the participants to feel tired, allowing us to test our Independent Variable's effect on emotions. It is vital to keep the subjects for twenty-four hours...