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PUNK There is a little thing that we like to call "punk".

Now, there is a big conterversy as to who started this so called punk music. Some say it was OZZY. Some say the RAMONES, others say that it is CRASS.

Ozzy did not start punk. Frist of all, he is not punk and never will be. Mr. Ozborn has only created music that is not even good enough for a cow to listen to while giving birth. He is nothing but a complainer and I for one am sick of that basterd.

Second of all, The Ramones did not start punk. They are pop-punk not reall punk. Just because their beats were a little faster than normal bands of that time theyb are still just pop-punk. I might even go so far as to call them a boy band that has a more pimped out tune.

Last of all, Crass are the ones who came out with punk frist. There albumes were created long before The Ramones. Crass is acctuall punk too. They are awsome and people who do not like them have mental problems in their life, or perhaps lack there of.

In conclusion, I see you wil find that Crass is the most likely of all three. And whaile no one will ever know who entirly started punk it was not Ozzy or The Ramones.