Perceptual Maps in Marketing Simulation Paper

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A perceptual map is a visual map of what the customer thinks of a brand. These maps give insight as to what different customers look for when making purchases. People might be thinking something that the company is not aware of or is different than what the company is trying to promote. In this report I will answer two questions about perceptual maps.

Is the repositioning of the product in the simulation as you expected? Why or why not?

Yes it is because I chose to reposition the product to cater to a younger audience who do not have the financial resources as the older crowd might have. This was considered a good move on my part. The lifestyle and image could not be compromised and so I chose it to be the same but instead to offer better services and to promote the image better through television and movies.

The product is great and needs minor adjustments; the problem is that the new generation is not aware of the quality and prestige in owning one of these motorcycles.

What would a perceptual map of your own industry look like? Where would you go to get data for your industry?

In the teaching industry here in Korea, the emphasis for teaching small children between the ages of 4-12 is trying to make English fun for the kids. I have been teaching here for almost three years and about 95% of the parents all want the same thing in my teaching and that is to make English fun. This is accomplished by presenting games that can be learned from. Movement games, talking games, board games, competition games and any other style of game is what parents want for their young kids. The best resources I got my information from...