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Essay by jaimie1977 November 2006

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The school of my creation would be a public elementary school. I would preferably like to teach 3rd grade specifically. Our main goal would be to make each child thrive to be their strongest. We would not only teach the basics of math, writing, science and history, but we would also teach computer technology and teach children about the real world. Teaching the kids what it means to earn money and how to be responsible with it. By dong that I would give each child a pay check per week. Then charge for rent, as their desk would be rent and charge for supplies they might need like new pencils, etc. They can earn extra money by having good behavior, perfect attendance and by turning in homework on time. Once a month, they can use their money in a classroom store to purchase items of their choice. I think this helps build character and teaches the child many things.

The philosophy of my school would have to be Progressivism. The children would be learning by experimenting. They would need to experience things and figure out things by problem solving. I think that socialization is a major factor in schools. I find that children that attend public school for most of their life do better socially than those who are home schooled. They get to see the many different kinds of people and personalities. By making groups of different students, we as teachers get to see how they interact socially.

Our school would definitely have to have at least 3 computers in each classroom so that when there are centers, children can work on skills by using today's technology. There would also need to be some type of music player in each class so that music can be involved and...