Perfect Storm

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" By midafternoon the Andrea Gail is ready: The food and bait have been stowed away, the fuel and water tanks have been topped off, spare drums of both have been lashed onto the whaleback, the gear's in good order, and the engine's running well."(45) From late September till October 1991, a crew of six men were sent out to sea on the Andrea Gail. Their destination was The Grand Banks. The Perfect Storm written by Sebastian Junger is an overwhelming book with outstanding details. It totally blew me away!!! The Andrea Gail left the port off the Maine coast on September 23,1991. Aboard the boat was a six man crew: Pierre, Sullivan, Moran, Murphy, and Bobby Shatford. The captain of the boat was Billy Tyne. " Bob Browns reputation in Gloucester is a complex one."(104) Bob Brown is quite the business man with quite the success. Even with his success he is still a hard working man.

Pierre is not very well known by the people of Gloucester, but what they know of him is said to be helpful and kind. Billy Tyne is an experienced fisherman who knows what he's doing and keeps everything in line. The same can be said about Moran and Sullivan. Murphy is 6'2, weighs 250 pounds and covered in tattoos. He is the tougher one of the men.

The crew aboard the Andrea Gail were sent out the Grand Banks to catch swordfish. " The Grand Banks in October is no joke and everybody knows it."(46) The Grand Banks are so dangerous because they happen to sit on one of the worst storm tracks in the world. While fishing at the Grand Banks a lesser version of the hurricane of 1935 was heading their way: Hurricane Grace, a late-season fluke that still...